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Welcome to Pine Overcoat! 

We're two crafty guys based in Salt Lake City and we are excited to share our projects with the world. We've had a lot of time to create tons of fun projects and try new things! We've set up this website to display our random hobbies of sewing, arts & crafts, and woodworking projects. 

Take a look around and feel free to reach out for custom projects. Here's to our new crafting adventure!

DSC_2275 (3).jpg


(Oh my gosh, that's me!) 


I started Pine Overcoat shortly after making some twenty-odd Dammit Dolls for my friends for Christmas (circa 2015). I made extra dolls and opened an Etsy shop shortly after. 

I have been sewing ever since having to take that pesky home economics credit in high school. It turns out, I love it! My mom is a seamstress and my dad is a carpenter, so I've been inundated with crafting and woodworking projects my entire life.


This is Josh, and he completes the Pine Overcoat team. 


Josh has only recently started quilting, but he has been sewing and making ridiculous Burning Man and EDC outfits for years. His mother teaches home economics in Alaska, so he figured now is the time to hone in on this craft and make his mom proud!

Josh is hoping to use the crafting skills he has learned to provide for his best friend--his cat Kalliope.

DSC_1757 (2).jpg


(meow, meow, meow)


Kalliope rounds out the Pine Overcoat team and keeps us sane. She is the bomb, the bee's knees, and quite literally, the cat's meow.

Josh adopted her from CAWS (Community Animal Welfare Services) in 2017. She's grown from a cute, clumsy kitten to a regal queen that calls all the shots and runs the show. She's always down for a yummy treat, cuddles on the couch, and playing with her favorite toy--a derpy snowman.


-Michael Scott

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